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WB 1275H RightHandThrow

WB 1275H RightHandThrow

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Nokona Walnut 12.75 Baseball Glove WB-1275H Right Hand Throw H Web

 built its reputation on its legendary
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ilt its reputation on its legendary Walnut Leather and the Walnut Classic Series.  Enter
Nokona built its reputation on its legendary Walnut Leather and the Walnut Classic Series.  Entering into a new era of Nokona gloves, the Nocona, Texas-based company is switching things up with the introduction of its new Walnut HHH Leather.  Walnut HHH is a beefed up version of the Walnut Classic Leather for sturdier performance that some players prefer.  The Triple H indicates a leather that is between 5.2 and 6 ounces, making these new Walnut gloves some of the stiffest that Nokona manufactures.  Walnut HHH maintains the character, look, and feel of Nokona's classic Walnut, but with a stiffer feel.  Once a Walnut HHH glove is broken-in, players are left with a glove that is soft and supple, yet remains sturdy - a true, classic.
Nokona Baseball Glove Nokona Walnut Walnut 12.75 12.75 Baseball Baseball Glove Glove WB-1275H WB-1275H Right Nokona Walnut 12.75 Baseball Nokona Walnut WB-1275H Right Nokona Walnut Hand Throw

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Pros: I don’t necessarily consider its being American-made a pro, but I was happy to spend the extra money on it for that reason. As a glove, it is a bit stiffer than a similarly made Wilson or Rawlings -something I like, but there were definitely some hand cramps while initially breaking it in. I love the webbing and lace-work because it is strong and well-made/designed. The palm is not over-padded, and the glove feels like it should -just an extension of my hand. This may be seen as a con if one is used to not feeling the ball hit center-glove. I like it because it makes me feel closer to the game. It’s an incredibly comfortable glove once it starts forming to your hand, but fair warning, for the average play-catch-in-the-backyard player, that will take quite a few hours -my break-in period was about 12. Overall, it looks and feels great. If you’ve got the money and enjoy the game, go for it -it’ll last you a while, if not a lifetime. (FYI, I haven’t quite had mine for a lifetime, yet, haha)

I have been wanting a Nokona for at least 20 years, so finally buying one is special for me. I researched extensively, and considered the Wilson A2000, but decided on this Nokona.

This is the highest quality product ,that I have purchased in a long, long, long, time.If everything was made this well, we would live in a perfect world,yes it is not cheap ,and you are correct, it is top quality, you get what you pay for, but I have forgot what it cost, all I know now is ,I have a perfect ball glove, that will last a lifetime.It would be cheap at twice the price, do yourself a favor and buy it.

Well constructed and good fit to the glove. A little more difficult to break in than some but expect this glove to last several seasons.

eview-text-content">An outstanding glove for outfield. This glove was my pick after a lot of looking and trying out. kona just beat all of the other gloves out there, including Rawlings and Wilson, in terms of feel and construction. It does take a little longer to break in, but that should be a sign that it's a good glove and not something that's ultimately going to fall apart on you when you need it. The leather and construction are all top-notch. Being made in America was a great advantage. Buy with confidence. You'll be amazed how well this glove stacks up to some of the other big manufacturers. It not only meets them, but it beats them easily. 2 Helpful