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S 130C RightHandThrow

S 130C RightHandThrow

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Nokona Alpha Select 14U Baseball First Base Mitt S-130C Right Hand Throw 10.5

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Nokona youth first base mitts are assembled like a work of art with elite travel ball players in mind during the manufacturing process. Some of the best youth baseball first base mitts in the business come from Nokona because they understand that younger players are the future of the game and that players at all levels of competition benefit from professional level quality. The Alpha series is carefully crafted out of 100% American Bison with 65% USA labor that requires virtually no break-in so that your player can be at the top of his game from day one.      The Alpha™ series is created with virtually no break-in needed, and has now been upgraded with AmericanKIP™ and SuperSoft™ leathers for the ultimate combination of game-readiness and durability. This mix of leathers provides a lighter-weight glove that is even more game-ready and has a softer feel, while the palm leather makes the Alpha™ very durable. A position-specific, light-weight, durable, high-performing baseball and softball series for all ages.    
Nokona Alpha Alpha Select Select 14U 14U Baseball Baseball First First Base Nokona Alpha Select 14U Nokona Alpha First Base Nokona Alpha Mitt S-130C

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