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WTA20RB191787 RightHandThrow

WTA20RB191787 RightHandThrow

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Wilson A2000 1787 Baseball Glove 11.75 2019 Right Hand Throw

The new A2000 1787 is made to work for you - no matter where you play on the infield. This 11.75" model is popular with both third basemen and middle infielders because of a pocket that's a little deeper, making it easier to snag line drives and also make quick transfers. An H-Web, double lacing at the base and flat finger binding help you make eye-catching plays all over the diamond.
Wilson Baseball Glove Wilson A2000 A2000 1787 1787 Baseball Baseball Glove Glove 11.75 11.75 2019 Wilson A2000 1787 Baseball Wilson A2000 11.75 2019 Wilson A2000 Right Hand

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My 12 year old son is a catcher on a travel baseball team that travels extensively(75+ games per year). His Wilson A800 mitt had served its purpose catching 10-11u kids that throw 50-60mph. It’s a lower quality leather and wore out quickly. He was ready for a 33” glove but has small hands. I was also concerned about the weight of a bigger higher quality glove.

This glove is difficult and slow to break in. Yes, I know quality gloves are stiff and take a long time, but this thing is extraordinarily so. After nearly 3 weeks of twice a day catching sessions, and much mallet work, it's still not game ready. I'm guessing we're at 3,000+ catches and not there yet. I did not oil this glove as much as other gloves I've broken in, as this glove discolors significantly from even a small amount of oil. Oil does not soak in well either. However I can tell this will be an incredible glove once ready. Amazing "POP" sound at ball impact, which is not only neat, but can have an effect on umpires as well: nice pop=nice pitch=strike.

Beautiful glove. 11yrs old son uses glove at 3rd base. I broke the glove in about 2 weeks with Wilson leather oil and a glove mallet. Son played catch for about 2 weeks and it was ready for game time. I can see this glove lasting 6-8yrs when properly taken care off.

This glove immediately caught my eye with the black and yellow color pattern (Pittsburgh Fan). I tried one on first at a local sporting goods store and loved the short finger stalls, which is worked well for my fat short fingers. The wrist strap needed adjustment but otherwise this fit's literally like a glove on my XL size hand. So many people in glove reviews go on and on about break in being difficult, and I've owned some that took a little longer than others to get ready but I'm a firm believer that no matter what you do: boil, microwave, soak, oil, car tire, mattress - you really can not hurt a ball glove. For this Wilson I used hot water, stretching, a glove wacker, and threw catch for an hour the first day. Copious amounts of Nokona Conditioner and a belt after it dried that night. I repeated the process for the next two days minus the hot water and was fielding grounders well by day three. Glove looks and plays beautifully and I'm very happy to add it to the pile in the garage.

Was already catching about 80% of the throws made on the first session playing catch. This is my son’s first “adult” size “professional” gloves. He’s broken in half a dozen youth model Rawlings and Wilson gloves since T-Ball. This spring will be his second season playing player pitch and maybe he will begin using it in 2019 or maybe he will wait until 2020 to begin using this glove, but I expect he’ll eventually begin using this glove after it gets broken in and he becomes confident with it while on the mound.

Got this for my 13U who has had opportunities to catch upper 80's on a regular basis. Last glove was the fantastic A1k. We broke this in by pouring hot water all over the outside and immediately taking balls from the pitching machine at a good velocity as well as carefully folding to get a square pocket. Same process used on two prior A1k gloves and it works perfectly. Son was immediately comfortable with the glove and loves it. Provides good protection from serious heat and looks damn nice doing it!

Got here in a few days it’s exactly what we ordered. Does take a little to break in but if done right should be ready to go in 3 weeks. My 14yr old Daughter is using this for P & 2B

All my son wanted for this birthday this year was an A2000. It did not disappoint. It's pretty stiff when it arrives but we also purchased a hot kit and that helped break it in fast. Exceptional quality and a perfect fit for my 9 year old.

My grandson was so happy with this glove. He's 15 and said she's a bbbbbbeauty. Then one month later was stolen out of a locked shed on his school campus. So we don't have that glove anymore. But ant say enough about it. Made him really happy.

Excellent glove. It is breaking in very quickly. It is for a 11 yr old and it is working very well. So much better quality than the gloves we saw in local stores.

eview-text-content">Excellent glove. It is breaking in very quickly. It is for a 11 yr old and it is working very well. So much better quality than the gloves we saw in local stores. 6 Helpful