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WB 1200H Right Hand Throw

WB 1200H Right Hand Throw

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Nokona WB-1200H Walnut Baseball Glove 12 inch (Right Hand Throw)

 WB-1200H Walnut Baseball Glove 12 inch (Right Hand Th
-1200H Walnut Baseball Glov
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Nokona WB-1200H Walnut Baseball Glove 12 inch (Right Hand Throw) : Nokona has built its reputation on its legendary Walnut Leather. Now made with our proprietary Walnut HHH Leather which provides greater stiffness and stability. Once this glove is worked in, this glove is soft and supple, yet remains sturdy - a true, classic Nokona.
Nokona Baseball Glove Nokona WB-1200H WB-1200H Walnut Walnut Baseball Baseball Glove Glove 12 12 inch Nokona WB-1200H Walnut Baseball Nokona WB-1200H 12 inch Nokona WB-1200H (Right Hand

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I’ve had this glove for just over a year and it’s the best glove I’ve ever owned. I play three seasons a year (from April to November) in a slow pitch, high arc softball league and I’ve used this glove for all three seasons this year.

Amazing quality glove, Nokona never disappoints! Shipping was faster than promised!

Great glove; feels good, nice pocket.

This glove is amaizing, exactly how is in the description!

I love the feel of this glove. Shipped fast. Fits my adult hand perfectly. Mostly broken in right out of the box.

What can I say.. It is a Nokona. Leather is top notch. This is my second Nokona. First one I bought was a basket web and I got this one because of the H web. Laces are good quality. Knocking one star because I wish they did not change their logo. I really liked the old logo they had the last couple of years, but the one I received got their new logo which was a bummer. Amazon should change the picture to show their updated logo. Otherwise it is still the same top quality Nokona you can expect. I will be using this for softball.

eview-text-content">This glove is way better than the other 2 "big guys" out there. It is made HERE in the USA creating jobs for Americans and feels broke in 'right out of the box.' Hey, "Fits like a glove." Helpful Report abuse