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PROSPT Right Handed Throw

PROSPT Right Handed Throw

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Rawlings Heart of Hide PROSPT Baseball Glove 11.75 Right Hand Throw

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The Rawlings PROSPT Heart of the Hide Baseball Glove is 11.75 inch. Made with Japanese tanned Heart of Hide leather. Stiff with break in needed. 11.75 inch pattern and I Web makes this glove a excellent short stop or third base mitt. Deer tanned cowhide inside lining and no palm pad. Made in the Phillipines. This Rawlings baseball glove is a pro model with pro performance. World renowed Heart of the Hide leather for unmatched durability. Crafted from authentic Rawlings Pro patterns. Produced by the world finest glove technicians. Soft full grain leather palm and finger back lining provide exemplary comfort. USA tanned leather lacing for durability.
Rawlings Baseball Glove Rawlings Heart Heart of of Hide Hide PROSPT PROSPT Baseball Baseball Glove Rawlings Heart of Hide Rawlings Heart Baseball Glove Rawlings Heart 11.75 Right

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