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Marucci Code Adult Batting Gloves 1 Pair White Red Adult Small

2019 Model: MBGCD Consistency And Craftsmanship Commitment To Quality And Understanding Of Players’ Based in Baton Rouge Mariucci Sports - Code Adult Batting Glove Baseball Performance Gear. As a company founded, majority-owned, and operated by current and former Big Leaguers, Mariucci is dedicated to quality and committed to providing players at every level with the tools they want and need to be successful. Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Mariucci was founded by two former Big Leaguers and their athletic trainer who began handcrafting bats for some of the best players in the game from their garage. Fast forward 10 years, and that dedication to quality and understanding of players needs has turned into an All-American success story. Today, Mariucci is the new Number One bat in the Big Leagues.
Marucci Code Code Adult Adult Batting Batting Gloves Gloves 1 1 Pair Marucci Code Adult Batting Marucci Code 1 Pair Marucci Code White Red

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eview-text-content"> If I could give the seller (Spc Sports Inc) zero stars, I would.First off, my son really wanted to love these gloves but the gloves that were sent to us were defective. We didn’t know this until my son tried them out during a game. They have no grip (slippery) and the insides were stinging the top of his hands.I reached out to Amazon and they said to contact the seller for a return/refund. I contacted the seller and explained to them that I would happily send these back for a full refund (because they were defective) but to be advised that they are dirty because my son used them for a game and had to try to create grip with dirt because there was no grip.The seller was very rude and accused me of lying and told me that these gloves were not defective (how would they know without trying them). Anyway, after numerous emails, I got no where with this seller, had to escalate through Amazon and would not recommend them to anyone. Helpful
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