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Miken Freak Platinum Maxload ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat 27 oz

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Tetra Core Technology optimizes performance b
Miken's Tetra Core Technology optimizes performance by utilizing an inner core tube, increasing compression for unmatched responsiveness. Miken's Sensi-Flex maximizes energy transfer from handle to barrel increasing bat head speed through the hitting zone. 100 % Composite Made In USA
Miken Softball Bat Miken Freak Freak Platinum Platinum Maxload Maxload ASA ASA Slowpitch Slowpitch Softball Miken Freak Platinum Maxload Miken Freak Slowpitch Softball Miken Freak Bat 27

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This is my boom stick! There are many like it but this one is mine. Its very good. I have about a 50 cuts on it and already outperforms my salvo that is well broke in. It is endloaded but swings like a balanced bat and has a good size sweet spot. Has a solid feel and sound when it connects just right. Hardly any flex and a small vibration if hit off the sweet spot. 34" 28oz.

I bought this bat for my wife originally and used it only to help her break it in, but wow! I am not a home run hitter, and still am not, but this bat adds a lot more kick to line drives and the control (even with a 0.5 ounce end-load) I get feels unreal. This will probably become my gamer for the rest of the 2017 season.

I got this for my husband for Christmas and he loves it! He was able to hit the ball much further than with his old bat. He says he would recommend it for anyone who loves the game and wants to improve their hitting!

Just getting 300 hits on it. Performs very well. Compares well to the Monsta.

Hot out of the wrapper , great bat end load is perfect

Overall this is the best ASA bat around, I’ve heard some people question the durability of the bat but so far mine has held up great with probably 100-200 swings on it. Hit my first slow pitch home run with this bat and the team loves it.

I liked the bat, just wasn't stamped for where I needed to use it. Needed dual stamp.

Our team loves this bat! Was hit from the first swing!

Great bat for about four games. Then it cracked like a can of biscuits & not reply from purchaser...

Did receive the Miken Freak Platinum. Hit well out of the wrapper. Sounds a

eview-text-content">Did receive the Miken Freak Platinum. Hit well out of the wrapper. Sounds aLittle funny at first, but whacks the ball Helpful Report abuse