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1150IW Right Hand Throw

1150IW Right Hand Throw

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Shoeless Joe 1150IW 11.5 Baseball Glove Right Hand Throw

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Shoeless Joe's Professional Series 11 1/2-Inch I-Web glove is perfect for infielders due to its length. The I-Web design is versatile and can be used to catch pop flies or grounders, thanks to its ability to quickly stop the spin of the ball for a swift throw and out.

All Professional Series baseball gloves from Shoeless Joe come with XRD® foam, providing extreme impact protection and comfort while catching.

This 11 1/2-inch glove is suitable for ages 9 and up, and features a classic open back design. The special aged antique tobacco leather is hand-cut and sewn individually, going through a professional break-in process for maximum quality and durability.

Shoeless Baseball Glove Shoeless Joe Joe 1150IW 1150IW 11.5 11.5 Baseball Baseball Glove Glove Right Shoeless Joe 1150IW 11.5 Shoeless Joe Glove Right Shoeless Joe Hand Throw

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