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XPG6 18 RightHandThrow

XPG6 18 RightHandThrow

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Rawlings XPG6 Baseball Glove Horween Leather Right Hand Throw

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Heart of Hide XPG6 remake of the classic Mickey Mantle baseball glove.
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Rawlings Heart of Hide XPG6 remake of the classic Mickey Mantle baseball glove. Made with code 55 Horween stiff leather, this glove will be long lasting like the yesterdays gloves. Not pre conditioned and oiled at the factory, you can break in how you would like. Wing Tip back makes for large hand opening and generally best fits an adult player without small hands. This unique glove is a great addition to your glove collection or serious player looking for a unique baseball glove.
Rawlings Baseball Glove Rawlings XPG6 XPG6 Baseball Baseball Glove Glove Horween Horween Leather Leather Right Rawlings XPG6 Baseball Glove Rawlings XPG6 Leather Right Rawlings XPG6 Hand Throw
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eview-text-content">The Wingtip back looks great and is a nice update to this classic style. Mine came a little mid-shapen but corrected it with careful break-in. Was initially very hard to get my thumb in right, but easily worked it out using the round handle of a wooden spoon! The Horween leather is very nice but as delivered very dry and not the equal of old classic Horween gloves. This is a full-size glove for full-size hands with a huge pocket. Can play pretty much all over the field with this, and could use for softball too. Patient break-in required. I don’t usually use oil or conditioner on new gloves to break in, but this dry stiff Horween comes un-oiled and was crying out for it. Used Bink’s conditioner and some pure lanolin with great results, making the feel and look of the glove much closer to the traditional models. Glove now has nice cushy, “springy” leather that is still very firm but deadens hard spinning balls with no sting and wears like iron. Should last for years and years. One person found this helpful Helpful
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