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Louisville Slugger 2019 Solo 619 -11 USA Baseball Bat 30 inch 19 oz

ndard; approved for play
bat standard; appr
at standard; app
at standard; approved for play in little League Baseball, aabc, AAU
 standard; approved for play in little League Baseball,
 bat standard; approved for play in little League
SA bat standard; approved for play in little League Baseball,
Meets USA bat standard; approved for play in little League Baseball, aabc, AAU, Babe Ruth/cal ripken Baseball, Dixie Youth Baseball, and pony Baseball 1-piece sl hyper alloy construction for a stiffer feel and maximum energy transfer on contact Sbc) speed Ballistic composite end cap - for increased swing speed and maximum bat control through the zone New LS Pro comfort grip for the perfect Mix of tack and cushion 2 5/8" barrel diameter; 7/8" tapered handle
Louisville Baseball Bat Louisville Slugger Slugger 2019 2019 Solo Solo 619 619 -11 -11 USA Louisville Slugger 2019 Solo Louisville Slugger -11 USA Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat
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Got this while waiting on a beast x warranty claim, well as a manager of a minor team, I have used just about all of the decent USA bats, I hit a about a hundred grounders a week with the kids bats, that stayted, this bat feels dead, the sting if you dont hit in the sweet spot is terrible, one week and I already sold it on eBay, I like the 618 better, ghost hyper light is one of the worst bats out there, I found the beast x and the 5150 to be decent bats with at least a little pop,The bonus is it it true to weight unlike the voodoo, 5150, and beast x are all 2 ounces over 2

High Performance, 1/3 of the Price Reviewed in the United States on July 21, 2020Style Name: 29"/18 oz This bat was just over $60, after taxes, when I purchased it (July, 2020). That's 1/3 of the original retail price, a tremendous deal. The Solo 619 is basically a re-skin of the very popular Solo 618. While some people still prefer the 618, most bat review websites compared the two and believe that the 619 outperforms it slightly.While this is by far the best single-piece aluminum USA bat under $200, it does have a relatively small sweet spot, especially in the shorter lengths. If the bat is 28 inches long, the sweet spot might only be 5-6 inches. Younger players might not be able to put a barrel of that size on the ball, consistently.That said, at 1/3 of the total retail price, it's a much better option than spending $180 on the Slugger Solo 2020.

Nice looking bat Reviewed in the United States on July 16, 2019Style Name: 30"/19 oz My son really likes this bat, but it makes a rattling noise when bat is turned upside down. Obviously it's a piece of plastic or metal left in the bat. I talked to Louisville Slugger about this and they said the bat shouldn't rattle. It seems to me, like a defect from the manufacturer, but they won't honor the warranty because this seller isn't an authorized dealer. Spend the extra money and buy from an authorized dealer. As far as the performance of the bat. It really isn't much different than his Omaha from last year. He says that the Solo stings a little more than the Omaha and is a little lighter, but that's about it. His hits have been roughly the same. The one positive thing is that it looks nice.

Got the 29/18 for my 9 year old boy, he loves it! Reviewed in the United States on August 13, 2019Style Name: 29"/18 oz This bat has a very nice grip and is lightweight with a nice pop for the weight it has. If you want a better pop need a heavier bat, but for contact this is great. The only thing is pay attention for the different pricing for the sizes, don't pay more than $100 as they are always changing. A great price would be $70-100.

Swings lighter than All One piece bats!! Reviewed in the United States on ApStyle Name: 28"/17 oz Have smaller boy in the 7-8u Player Pitch Travel ball. Been struggling to find a light swinging bat for him.Added 2 choke up rings and he now has his confidence back. Swings light / Less sting / decent pop and stands out in the Bat Rack.For a USA bat thats ONE piece you cant go wrong. ( Bought DeMarini Sabotage - Too heavy of an end cap makes it swing like a drop 5)- Easton Ghost stung like crazy - Marucci Cat 7 barrel to big for new USA standards .Good luck out there

9 year old loves it. Reviewed in the United States on June 23, 2020Style Name: 28"/17 oz I've been coaching Little League for years and have constantly watched kids swing bats that were too heavy. This one has a nice weight distribution, very acceptable -11 length to weight ratio, had the correct weight (as advertised) when it arrived, and has the larger barrel for 8-10 year olds. We also considered the 2-1/2' barrel version that is a -13 but my son thought it was too light when he tried it.My 9 year old loves it as a replacement for his Easton. Very sold bat for the price. Plenty of power in it for kids in the intended age range.

Good Reviewed in the United States on July 10, 2019Style Name: 28"/17 oz Probably not the best Louisville USA bat but still pretty good..we like the selects best..more because the vibration....USA bats are designed to develop youth players swings better for the future....So if your looking for any special pop there really isnt a magic USA bat

Good for very young hitters Reviewed in the United States on JanuStyle Name: 28"/17 oz Has a little too much vibration. My 6 yr old uses the 28 size. He's considered a better than avg hitter for his age. This bat does have some decent pop and when he connects, it does go farther than his other bat. For a Star Wars fan, he loves the name and the colors. Thankfully we got an amazing deal during the holidays. I'd be disappointed if I paid over 100.

Huge vibration Reviewed in the United States on July 10, 2019Style Name: 29"/18 oz Bought this for my son after reading reviews. He could literally not hit the ball without hurting his hands, despite padded tape and wearing gloves. Used it for 2 weeks and then I ended up buying him a composite bat (which he has used with zero problem). I have bought many other 1 piece bats before and read great reviews on this one, but would happily return it if that was an option...pretty sure since it was used it likely just a waste of money.

Perfect bat for my 9/10 year old Reviewed in the United States on October 16, 2018Style Name: 30"/19 oz This bat is great for my son he loves it. Great for really working on fundamentals and making contact with the ball.

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