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WTA2KRB18D33 RightHandThrow

WTA2KRB18D33 RightHandThrow

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Wilson 2018 A2K D33 Pitcher Baseball Glove Right Hand Throw 11.75 inch

Wilson Baseball Glove Wilson 2018 2018 A2K A2K D33 D33 Pitcher Pitcher Baseball Baseball Glove Wilson 2018 A2K D33 Wilson 2018 Baseball Glove Wilson 2018 Right
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I play in a 50 and over league and have played baseball at almost every level in my 65 years. Been a catcher all my life and have used the old double hinge glove and the single hinge. It wasn't until I spent more money on a high quality glove like the A2K that it won me over. When the glove arrived it was quite stiff but in a very short period of time it broke in very nicely. I bent it in every direction, beat it with a rubber hammer, pounded the pocket...and within 2 weeks was using it in game conditions with no concern about the ball popping out or making it difficult to catch virtually any pitched ball.If a younger player is serious about the position and is looking for a quality tool this is it. Like most things you do if the tool is good you can expect a better result. This glove will last a long time. 1

Excellent Mitt!! Reviewed in the United States on May 31, 2019 I know it's meant for baseball, but I use it for our softball league, which I know is a little overkill, but does come in handy when scooping and digging balls out of the turf.Excellent build quality, used Aso's break in method with the warm water, rubber mallet, and ball, and broke in within a few days - at least enough to start playing catch. By about the second week of sporadic catching, and using it in one game, was completely broken in. It is a little more dense than the A2000, doesn't make the same *pop* sound, a little more dull if you ask me, and definitely takes a little getting used to since the padding is so high quality that you barely feel the ball in the glove, but all in all, great glove. Compared to the cheapies I've used before, don't think I will ever skimp out on a glove since these hold up extremely well, and you can tell by the build quality. Even if you are a casual player, but plan on using it for a few years, I would highly recommend the A2K, or the A2000

Great pitchers glove. Reviewed in the United States on JHand Orientation: RightStyle: 12"Color: Copper/Black - Pitcher's Model Awesome glove. Very high quality leather, satiny smooth and tight-grained. Closed web makes it a great pitchers glove, but also good for short and third. The partial Super Skin back reduces weight and looks good, and the copper trim adds a tiny bit of flash without being gaudy. Really stiff when new, which allows for a solid long-lasting form once broken in to your desired shape. Very good value.

I expected much more from a Wilson A2K mitt. ... Reviewed in the United States on April 18, 2018Hand Orientation: RightStyle: 33.5"Color: Copper/Black - Catcher's Model I expected much more from a Wilson A2K mitt. In less than 3 months one of the laces broke in the web. Wilson refuses to send their leather for us to restring it and suggested we pay $100 at one of their "authorized" dealers for repair. They did offer a new mitt eventually, but anyone that uses this level of equipment knows that it takes time to break these in and our son is mid-season.Anyway, we replaced the lace with leather from the sporting goods store and those have broker twice. Wish we could get decent leather lacing. 1

Great quality! Reviewed in the United States on January 22, 2018Hand Orientation: RightStyle: 11.5"Color: Red/Saddle Tan - Brandon Phillips Model Grandson loved it! It took some time breaking it in. Good sturdy glove!!! It's different in easily spotted as MINE!

Narwhals Reviewed in the United States on February 17, 2017 This glove is a majestic piece of a unicorn, but worn on your hand.

Awsome Reviewed in the United States on MaHand Orientation: RightStyle: 33.5"Color: Blonde/Copper - Catcher's Model Best catchers glove! My 15 year old loves it after breaking it in

Very high quality glove Reviewed in the United States on June 23, 2019 Beautiful glove. As expected with a high quality leather glove, it needs to be broken in. Very stiff. Purchased for my son towards the end of his junior season (high school varsity level). Probably overkill at such a late stage, unless he plays at the college level.

Beautiful Glove with top notch quality Reviewed in the United States on J Beautiful glove. The details and craftsmanship is superb! The leather is top notch quality. The glove is somewhat hard but after a couple of weeks of catching with it, its finally softening up. Ive always owned Wilson gloves and always loved them. Wilson never disappoints, this glove is great!

Wont break in Reviewed in the United States on July 19, 2020 Ordered exactly what my son asked for. Came on time Seems well made but took to sporting store to have broken in , they put it in machine twice. My son has been using playing catch an still is not broke in at all. He has dropped balls that would never have will his old mit

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