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WTA20RB19LENOV RightHandThrow

WTA20RB19LENOV RightHandThrow

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Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove 11.75 Right Hand Throw 1785

alk about a head-turner. This Blonde Pro Stock Leather-Blue SuperSkin custom A2000 1785 is sure to catch fans' eyes while you're making plays. A Cross Web design with baseball stitching ties it all together in this beautiful 11.75" model. Each month, Wilson unveils a new A2K or A2000 Glove of the Month -- a unique limited-edition Pro Stock ball glove available only in-store from select dealers. Past Glove of the Month gloves have included player customs, one-of-a kind models and fan-designed contest winners. A portion of the proceeds go to Pitch in for Baseball, a longtime Wilson charity partner.
Wilson Baseball Glove Wilson A2000 A2000 Baseball Baseball Glove Glove 11.75 11.75 Right Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Wilson A2000 Right Wilson A2000 Hand Throw
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Pros: Leather portion of the glove is high quality.Cons: Avoid Superskin gloves. The Superskin material is made from the same material synthetic (petroleum based) basketballs are made from. This material behaves nothing like leather; its flimsy and does not mold to your hand. The result is a lop sided glove with a shallow pocket. After one break in treatment, per Wilson protocol, this glove felt like it was dead. There is no other way to describe it. Bottom line, there is no replacement for real leather. This is a clever way for Wilson to decrease the cost of materials and keep the price in the same range. Additionally, they have done a fabulous job marketing Superskin as a premium must have smart, stick with an all leather A2000. Helpful