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WTA20RB191787 RightHandThrow

WTA20RB191787 RightHandThrow

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Wilson A2000 1787 Baseball Glove 11.75 2019 Right Hand Throw

The new A2000 1787 is made to work for you - no matter where you play on the infield. This 11.75" model is popular with both third basemen and middle infielders because of a pocket that's a little deeper, making it easier to snag line drives and also make quick transfers. An H-Web, double lacing at the base and flat finger binding help you make eye-catching plays all over the diamond.
Wilson Baseball Glove Wilson A2000 A2000 1787 1787 Baseball Baseball Glove Glove 11.75 11.75 2019 Wilson A2000 1787 Baseball Wilson A2000 11.75 2019 Wilson A2000 Right Hand
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eview-text-content">Excellent glove. It is breaking in very quickly. It is for a 11 yr old and it is working very well. So much better quality than the gloves we saw in local stores. 6 Helpful Report abuse
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