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WTA20RB18DP15SS RightHandThrow

WTA20RB18DP15SS RightHandThrow

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Wilson 2018 A2000 Dp15 SS Infield Baseball Glove 11.5 Right Hand Throw

e 2018 A2000 DP15 SS is a new model in Wilsons Pedroia Fit line-up, which
The 2018 A2000 DP15 SS is a new model in Wilsons Pedroia Fi
iv>The 2018 A2000 DP15 SS is a new model in Wil
018 A2000 DP15 SS is a new model in Wilsons Pedroia Fit line-up, which are built w
18 A2000 DP15 SS is a new
 A2000 DP15 SS is a new model in Wilsons Pedroia Fit line-
00 DP15 SS is a new model in Wilson
A2000 DP15 SS is a new model in
The 2018 A2000 DP15 SS is a new model in Wilson's Pedroia Fit line-up, which are built with the patented Pedroia Fit to better suit players with smaller hands. This A2000 DP15 SS, made with Black SuperSkin, and Blonde and Tropical Blue Pro Stock Leather, has a smaller hand opening and more narrow finger stalls to fit smaller hands -- but all the same craftsmanship you expect in an A2000.
The Wilson A2000, the most famous baseball glove in the game, continues to improve. Master Craftsman Shigeaki Aso and his glove team are constantly refining Pro Stock patterns with the insights of players from back fields to Major League stadiums to bring the best possible product to the diamond. Made with Pro Stock leather identified specifically for Wilson gloves for its durability and unmatched feel, A2000s are built to break in perfectly and last for multiple seasons. It's the perfect ball glove for hard-working players.

Wilson Baseball Glove Wilson 2018 2018 A2000 A2000 Dp15 Dp15 SS SS Infield Infield Baseball Wilson 2018 A2000 Dp15 Wilson 2018 Infield Baseball Wilson 2018 Glove 11.5
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Got this for my son who just turned 11 and moved up to 12u ball.My older son got an A2k ( pedroia fit) when he moved up to 12u 3 years ago.I wasnt sold on superskin, but my younger son is small for his age, Dr said he is in the 12 percentile. As such he has small hands and isn't the strongest fielder. I definetly needed the pddroia fit which is for smallet hands. I decided to buy into Wilson's propaganda and pic hazed the superskin version due to its weight. They claim it is twice as strong and half as heavy.Well this glove weighs 553 grams (1.2 lbs). I didn't weigh my other sns a2k because it is used and has been oiled several times.I can say the superskin feels much lighter than the A2K. I wish these glove companies would report the weight of the glove in the specs.The a2k took about 6-8 months to break in. I've only had the superskin for about a week and my son is holding more and more balls each time we go out. Im guessing the glove well be ready in a month or so.With a little oil here and there, the A2K has held up well. My older son has been using it for 3 full years. That is full years including, middle school, 2 summerball teams, 2 fall ball teams. So the glove gets used as much as possible and is holding up.I hope the superskin holds up just as those wondering if a glove is worth $ is up to you.A $300 GLOVE WILL NOT MAKE YOUR KID BETTER. IT WILL NOT CATCH BALLS BETTER THAN A $50 GLOVE.These gloves cost this much due to the quality of the materials and craftsman ship. They are meant to be more durable. That is really the main difference.So, if your kid is serious about playing ball and will use the glove alot, it is worth it. Because they last so long your kid will not have to constantly break in new gloves. .the more it is used the more it will mold to their hand and be more comfortable. Plus, this is baseball. .it is a very superstitious sport and change is frowned upon. There are MLB players who still use their HS glove.So...if you ate just starting out. ..stick to the $30-50 gloves. If they really like it and start playing travel ball, summer anc fall ball get thema better glove. If they are still into baseball by the 6th grade, get a better glove. Helpful

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