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WTA20RB181789 RightHandThrow

WTA20RB181789 RightHandThrow

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Wilson 2018 A2000 1789 Infield Pitcher 11.5 Baseball Glove Right Hand Throw

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Own the diamond with the new A2000® 1789. With its 11.5" size and Pro Laced T-Web, this glove is perfect for infielders who also pitch. For infielders, its snug Fit™ allows the glove to feel like an extension of their hand, giving little wasted movement. As for pitchers, the T-Web conceals a pitcher's grip from hitters. With a flashy Orange Tan and Royal Pro Stock Leather design, this glove gives you everything you need to conquer the field.
The Wilson A2000®, the most famous baseball glove in the game, continues to improve. Master Craftsman Shigeaki Aso and his glove team are constantly refining Pro Stock patterns with the insights of players from back fields to Major League stadiums to bring the best possible product to the diamond. Made with Pro Stock leather identified specifically for Wilson gloves for its durability and unmatched feel, A2000®s are built to break in perfectly and last for multiple seasons. It’s the perfect ball glove for hard-working players. More Info
My 12 year old son is a catcher on a travel baseball team that travels extensively(75+ games per year). His Wilson A800 mitt had served its purpose catching 10-11u kids that throw 50-60mph. Its a lower quality leather and wore out quickly. He was ready for a 33 glove but has small hands. I was also concerned about the weight of a bigger higher quality glove.The Wilson A2000 PF33 pedroia fit was the perfect answer. It offers supreme leather quality plus its designed for a 12-15 year old player that might have smaller hands. In addition the back of the glove is Wilsons super skin leather. Its a lighter more flexible leather that reduces the overall weight of the glove. It also make for an extremely comfortable fit on the hand.Make no mistake about will take a little while to break in due to the high grade leather Wilson uses in this glove. The thumb support/protection on this model is supreme. He is currently catching high school pitchers in our off season who throw in the 80s. He loves how it protects his palm and thumb. The pitchers love the crack it makes when he catches them.This glove will last years. His hand will likely outgrow it before it wears out. Once you buy it, go to Wilsons site and follow Shigeaki Asos method for breaking it in. Dont use heavy oils or dunk it in water. Continually work it like he does and simply catch with it. Its worth every penny. 1

My first A2000 Reviewed in the United States on JanuHand Orientation: RightStyle: 11.5"Color: Black/Wilson Gold - DP15 Dustin Pedroia Model This glove immediately caught my eye with the black and yellow color pattern (Pittsburgh Fan). I tried one on first at a local sporting goods store and loved the short finger stalls, which is worked well for my fat short fingers. The wrist strap needed adjustment but otherwise this fit's literally like a glove on my XL size hand. So many people in glove reviews go on and on about break in being difficult, and I've owned some that took a little longer than others to get ready but I'm a firm believer that no matter what you do: boil, microwave, soak, oil, car tire, mattress - you really can not hurt a ball glove. For this Wilson I used hot water, stretching, a glove wacker, and threw catch for an hour the first day. Copious amounts of Nokona Conditioner and a belt after it dried that night. I repeated the process for the next two days minus the hot water and was fielding grounders well by day three. Glove looks and plays beautifully and I'm very happy to add it to the pile in the garage. 1

11 comment Report abuse Comment We will see how it works out once he breaks it in. Reviewed in the United States on September 18, 2018Hand Orientation: RightStyle: 11.75"Color: Black - Clayton Kershaw Model Was already catching about 80% of the throws made on the first session playing catch. This is my sons first adult size professional gloves. Hes broken in half a dozen youth model Rawlings and Wilson gloves since T-Ball. This spring will be his second season playing player pitch and maybe he will begin using it in 2019 or maybe he will wait until 2020 to begin using this glove, but I expect hell eventually begin using this glove after it gets broken in and he becomes confident with it while on the mound. P.when('review-image-binder', 'reviewsLightbox-js').execute(function(reviewImageBinder) { reviewImageBinder.bindReview("R2YIXLAHEYFQ7D", "R2YIXLAHEYFQ7D_imageSection_main", "R2YIXLAHEYFQ7D_gallerySection_main"); });

For My Son Reviewed in the United States on AugHand Orientation: RightStyle: 33"Color: Blonde/White/Grey - Catcher's Model This was a new glove for my son, it is his third A2000 in as many years. He plays at the varsity high school/travel baseball level, so it will be his new glove for next season. The A2000 take a time to break in, but to me that's a good thing because you know they use quality leather and materials in the product. He loves the color scheme and the brand of glove.

Worth the money Reviewed in the United States on May 30, 2017Hand Orientation: RightStyle: 12"Color: Grey/Black - First Base Model Excellent glove. It is breaking in very quickly. It is for a 11 yr old and it is working very well. So much better quality than the gloves we saw in local stores.

The Pitcher's Glove (B125) is 12.5" not 12" Reviewed in the United States on March 26, 2019 It seems like Wilson has changed this glove for 2019. I'm happy with the longer glove, but it was longer than expected based on the item description.A2000 is one of the best gloves on the market and the one I received is excellent in every way. Highly recommend this glove. It seems as though it will also be easy to break in. The leather is soft and supple. The padding just needs to be beaten into shape.

Great glove with CLASSY looks Reviewed in the United States on Ap The classic A2000 glove in a really nice-looking color combination. The gold trim adds a little flash and contrast to classic black without the garish look of the louder color combinations. Same quality Wilson leather, nice and stiff as delivered, but perfect after break-in. Feels like a natural extension of your hand. The ideal infielders glove.

So far so good. Reviewed in the United States on MaHand Orientation: RightStyle: 33"Color: Blonde/Black - Catcher's Model Super stiff glove but that is what you want when buying a good quality leather glove. Fits my hand tight (Size Large Hand) but I like that because it will loosen up with time. Better than starting loose and having to tighten the strings.I had the glove steamed at DICKS for $25 - Highly recommend, breaks the glove in 50% of the way so you don't over stress and form it wrong! Should be ready to use in about 1 month playing catch twice a week.

It wasnt new Reviewed in the United States on Febru The seller passed of a clearly used glove as new. In the end our son opted to keep it. Super awkward at christmas.

Well made Reviewed in the United States on November 10, 2019Hand Orientation: RightStyle: 11.5"Color: Navy/Blonde/Orange - Jose Altuve Model I bought it for an 11 year old and he loves it. Broke it in over a few weeks. Well made.

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