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WTA09RB18BM12 RightHandThrow

WTA09RB18BM12 RightHandThrow

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Wilson 2018 A900 First Base Mitt 12 inch Right Hand Throw

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Wilson youth first base mitts are intended for a younger, more advanced ball player who is looking to take their game to the next level. For the 2018 season, the A900 series is just what the doctor ordered to help get an edge on the diamond. Each model offers a cool, old-school look with the dark brown, full leather construction that comes game ready with absolutely zero break-in period. If you're sick and tired of having a sore wrist and knuckles from an extensive break-in, the A900 is just what you need. From day one, these mitts are ready to go when you are. Plus, Wilson has applied their double palm construction on the front side of each design to help add extra stability and a low profile heel that allows for easier closure and less rebound on bad hops so that you can make that scoop at first base without fail. Wilson: The Players' Choice! This Wilson A900 youth first base mitt (WTA09RB18BM12) comes with a 12.00-inch pattern, a single post web, and a conventional open back that offers a traditional look. Don't forget, we're here from click to catch!.
Wilson 2018 2018 A900 A900 First First Base Base Mitt Mitt 12 Wilson 2018 A900 First Wilson 2018 Mitt 12 Wilson 2018 inch Right
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