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WS 1400C Right Handed Throw

WS 1400C Right Handed Throw

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WS-1400C-Right Handed Throw

Nokona Walnut WS-1400-C Softball Glove 14 inch Right Hand Throw

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Nokona 14 inch Softball Glove. Nokona has built its reputation on legendary Walnut Crunch leather. Once you work it in, this glove is soft and supple, yet remains sturdy - a true, classic Nokona. A long-time favorite of softball players worldwide.
Nokona Softball Glove Nokona Walnut Walnut WS-1400-C WS-1400-C Softball Softball Glove Glove 14 14 inch Nokona Walnut WS-1400-C Softball Nokona Walnut 14 inch Nokona Walnut Right Hand
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American Made, great glove

Reviewed in the United States on February 28, 2016Hand Orientation: Right Great glove, good fit, breaking in very easy. all American made a bonus

Last ballglove made in the U.S. - Phenomenal, Wears Like Iron, Requires No Breaking-In Reviewed in the United States on MaHand Orientation: Right I've owned this model by Nokona for 20 years. I drained my bank account in high school to purchase it, and it's been a great investment. As I indicated in the review title, Nokona is the last ballglove manufacturer to make their gloves exclusively in the U.S. The glove costs more than other brands, but their leather is second-to-none. Literally, you can purchase it and expect to use it in a game that day. It requires no time to break-in, it molds to your hand immediately, and it wears like iron. Nokona offers an extensive life-time warranty with their gloves. They'll also relace it for free, although I've never had to have mine relaced. I probably should have, but I never conditioned mine or did a thing to it, and the leather has nothing but the slightest of surface wear due to 20 years of regular use. I'd highly recommend the extra money it takes to invest in the Nokona brand. 1

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