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WS 1200C Right Hand Throw

WS 1200C Right Hand Throw

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WS-1200C-Right Hand Throw

Nokona Walnut WS-1200C Softball Glove (AMG175) 12" (Right Hand Throw)

ure leather, Walnut Crunch is used to craft this series of softball
okonas signature leather, Walnut Cru
Nokonas signature leather, Walnut C
ignature leather, Walnut Crunch is used to craft this
ignature leather, Walnut Crunch is used t
re leather, Walnut Crunch is used to craft this series of softball gloves. N
Nokona's signature leather, Walnut Crunch is used to craft this series of softball gloves. Nokona has built its reputation on this legendary leather because it is sturdy and pliable, and has a traditional look and feel. The Nokona WS-1200 used to be called the AMG175. Its a 12-inch fielder's baseball or softball glove is made of walnut cowhide leather and features a fully woven closed web, crescent-laced pocket, low-profile heel, and dual strap back. The genuine top-grain cowhide leather is known for its strength and durability and it has a smooth brown color. This breathable leather and will retain its shape for years to come. It's backed by a one-year warranty. Made in the USA. 12" glove with genuine top-grain walnut leather cowhide with a smooth brown color. It is a breathable leather and will retain its shape. It has strength and durability.
Nokona Softball Glove Nokona Walnut Walnut WS-1200C WS-1200C Softball Softball Glove Glove (AMG175) (AMG175) 12" Nokona Walnut WS-1200C Softball Nokona Walnut (AMG175) 12" Nokona Walnut (Right Hand
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OK, so I got this as a Daddy glove. One glove I wanted to have for a long time for playing and coaching my kids.I researched gloves a lot, saw a lot of gloves in stores, and kept coming back to Nokona. They don't have the massive advertising and sponsorship money or distribution of Rawlings, Wilson, etc, so you won't see them everywhere. But when I asked people who really knew about gloves, they pointed me to Nokona.The glove has a good structure about it, yet the leather is supple and broke in easily. I do not expect this thing to get all floppy any time soon, yet when the ball comes into the pocket this glove owns it. An unexpected detail I didn't see in the photos is that the top edge of the basket curves up slightly, providing maybe an extra 1/4 inch of reach -- which has come in handy more than expected. The little index finger platform offers a way to change the grip slightly. After playing catch almost every day for a week, the glove felt ready to rock.The glove is made in the USA, in a small town. I like that. If I need to repaired or relaced or repadded or completely overhauled, I can send it to Nokona and they'll do it for a reasonable fee ($36 to repad and relace). This is important, because I want to have this glove forever. This is a classic.A few specifics:- 12" is a great utility size. I was gunning for a 12.5" or 12.75", but I'm glad I got 12" as it feels agile and still gives me some reach for those liners and flies. I have read that Nokonas run slightly small. Compared to 12" gloves I tried on in stores, mine doesn't seem small.- This is the "Classic Walnut" leather, the tried and true. Nokona also makes a composite 2-leather glove combining this leather for the outside of the glove and then kangaroo leather for the palm and pocket -- this is called their "buckaroo" or "kimera" series. These are just a bit more expensive, and supposedly the kangaroo leather is really plush. I didn't want that. I wanted the classic.- Please don't rub a bunch of conditioner crap into this glove before you try it. Even Nokona's NLT conditioning cream (like a firmer Vaseline). The glove comes with a hint of NLT on it, and in my experience this is all you need. I have ruined gloves by overdoing it with oil or conditioner.- There are so many Nokona SKUs out there, check and be sure you know what you are buying. If in doubt, call Nokona. (Phone number on their site, or responsive via email). Don't be the guy who ordered a lefty glove and needed a righty glove.- Mine looks a lot nicer than the photos. Just sayin'

Best glove i have ever owned Reviewed in the United States on May 16, 2016Hand Orientation: Right Best glove i have ever owned. By Far the easiest to break in. Superior craftsmanship leads to a superior glove. A+ Can not say enough about how great this glove is.

Nokona Glove Reviewed in the United States on May 19, 2019Hand Orientation: Right It was bought for my grandsons birthday. Very nice!! He loved it!!

best gloves out Reviewed in the United States on MaHand Orientation: Right Not the exact glove I thought I was getting, but it's close to it...well made glove...I've had mine for over ten years and got my son this one since he starts school ball next gloves out there P.when('review-image-binder', 'reviewsLightbox-js').execute(function(reviewImageBinder) { reviewImageBinder.bindReview("R2PIVKLQ5BQTP9", "R2PIVKLQ5BQTP9_imageSection_main", "R2PIVKLQ5BQTP9_gallerySection_main"); });

The only glove brand to own! Reviewed in the United States on May 20, 2013Hand Orientation: Right I've had this AMG-175 glove from Nokona now since 1995. My father bought it for me when I played in a traveling baseball team for 3 seasons (100 games a season). There has never ever been an issue. EVER! I can't think about ANYTHING else I've ever bought that has lasted this long and never needed maintenance or any care! And I've used it for everything, year after year.No matter what Nokona you get, I believe they will last as mine has. Personally, the 12 inch might be a little small for hardcore softball players but I have no problems. It feels like a dream every time. I was compelled to rate this after playing catch with some friends from work. Just amazing to see something be over 16 years old and work like a dream.To me, there isn't anything else to say. If you want something to last a lifetime.... Buy Nokona.

Title Description Incorrect Reviewed in the United States on J I ordered this Nokona glove, and it got here and was a left handed glove. The title says right handed throw, then in smaller print half way down the page it says left handed throw. Since the description in large print said right handed throw, i didn't look any further. This is very misleading. The glove itself seems like a great glove though.

44 comments Report abuse Comment Best Glove Ever !! Reviewed in the United States on March 19, 2018Hand Orientation: Right Really high quality glove. Takes a little time to break as all high quality gloves should. Made from high quality leather in the USA !! P.when('review-image-binder', 'reviewsLightbox-js').execute(function(reviewImageBinder) { reviewImageBinder.bindReview("R2ARIYNZLMZGZJ", "R2ARIYNZLMZGZJ_imageSection_main", "R2ARIYNZLMZGZJ_gallerySection_main"); });

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