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WBTR1HT BK 18 inch

WBTR1HT BK 18 inch

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WBTR1HT-BK-18 inch

Louisville Slugger WBTR1HT-BK One-Hand Black Training Baseball Bat 19-Inch18-Ounce

Louisville Slugge
gger One Hand Training Bat Black 18 inch.</p>

Louisville Slugger One Hand Training Bat Black 18 inch.

Louisville Baseball Bat Louisville Slugger Slugger WBTR1HT-BK WBTR1HT-BK One-Hand One-Hand Black Black Training Training Baseball Louisville Slugger WBTR1HT-BK One-Hand Louisville Slugger Training Baseball Louisville Slugger Bat 19-Inch18-Ounce
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It’s a great bat for isolating arms during BP. I feel that it has improved our team’s hand path. However, this is the 2nd bat we have broken right above the handle. Caution: Do not use real balls, use whiffs or lite flites only. One person found this helpful Helpful t Helpful

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