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WBCM271 NG33

WBCM271 NG33

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Louisville Slugger WBCM271-NG MLB Authentic Cut Maple C271 Unfinished/High Gl

s all about dense
out dense timber for a hard hitting surface.
Maple is all about dense timber for a hard hitting surface. Close-grain wood is less prone to flake like Ash and allows for more durability. Maple is the wood of choice among elite hitters. This C271 model in particular is made Bone Rubbed with a sweet Natural High Gloss finish. Some other features include a 15 16%94 handle a cupped end and a medium-sized barrel. Get yours today right here C271 Maple Natural Features Wood Maple Finish Natural w High Gloss Barrel Medium Handle 15 16%94 Target Weight -2oz give or take an ounce Bone Rubbed Cupped End
Louisville Slugger Slugger WBCM271-NG WBCM271-NG MLB MLB Authentic Authentic Cut Cut Maple Louisville Slugger WBCM271-NG MLB Louisville Slugger Cut Maple Louisville Slugger C271 Unfinished/High
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eview-text-content">I was pleasantly surprised when I used this bat. I play in an adult baseball league and had originally planned on using it as a back-up. However, it's balanced perfectly and feels like a toothpick when I swing it, therefore, the first time I faced a pitcher that threw heat I gave it a try with really good success. The ball jumps off similar to a "trampoline" effect. I plan on ordering another one. Helpful