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WB 1200C Right Handed Throw

WB 1200C Right Handed Throw

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WB-1200C-Right Handed Throw

Nokona Walnut WB-1200C 12 inch Baseball Glove Right Handed Throw

 WB-1200C 12 Basebal
-1200C 12 Baseball Glove  Right Ha
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Nokona Walnut WB-1200C 12 Baseball Glove  Right Handed Throw Nokona has
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Nokona Walnut WB-1200C 12" Baseball Glove  Right Handed Throw Nokona has built its reputaion on its legendary Walnut Leather. Now made with our proprietary Walnut HHH Leather which provides greater stiffness and stability. Once this gloves is worked in, this glove is soft and supple, yet remains sturdy. a true, classic Nokona.
Nokona Baseball Glove Nokona Walnut Walnut WB-1200C WB-1200C 12 12 inch inch Baseball Baseball Glove Nokona Walnut WB-1200C 12 Nokona Walnut Baseball Glove Nokona Walnut Right Handed
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Nicest glove I have ever owned. Very little break in required.

Quality American craftsmanship Reviewed in the United States on February 21, 2016 Awesome glove!! Nokona does not disappoint in any way. I bought myself one years ago and my son loved using it. I figured it was time he had his own.

Reviewed in the United States on September 13, 2015 Great glove. Easy to break in. My grandson loves it. Love that it is made in the USA!!!

Misleading labeling on glove Reviewed in the United States on July 25, 2016 New labeling on glove did not match picture.

The glove kids should buy their parents Reviewed in the United States on Aug A very short backstory. I played baseball from the ages of 4-30. I then stopped playing altogether. After getting married and having two kids, I really thought I would never play baseball again. Then suddenly, both of our kids wanted to play baseball/softball. I bought myself an average glove to play catch with them. Several dozen baseballs too. We now play as a family every week and the kids play on their school teams. I never considered buying a Nokona, but I up and did. It's sort of bittersweet. It's a beautiful glove, but it reminds me of most of the gloves I used as a teenager. Meaning most gloves these days just aren't of very high quality, but this Nokona is. A few things to note.Though the first picture shows a trapeze-style web, the 12" model has the closed web, which I preferred. Another difference is the patches. The wrist patch is now a small, 3" square with the American Indian head on it. The patch near the thumb is no longer the embroidered American Indian head. It's now an embroidered red N. That's the only disappointment I had with this glove. Being of Cherokee descent I really wanted the American Indian head embroidery. Even worse, the big red N looks like the University of Nebraska football team logo.Beyond that, there's no complaints. This glove is a soft, supple leather. My favorite part about it is the same as the gloves I had as a kid. When you're breaking it in, especially if you use Nokona's conditioner and a mallet, the breaking points you make in the glove, show up as a permanent darker brown than the rest of the glove. It gives it that classic marbled look.For those dads or even moms out there who are wondering if you need this glove and its price, you do. If you're here looking at it I'm sure you really like seeing the Made in America, the marbled shades of brown, the checkered weave pocket, just like we all grew up using. I actually bought a stand, think it was for a large action figure. Has two angled props coming upwards out of it. When not using the glove, I place it on it the stand on my office desk. It's that nice. I would like to see Nokona return to using the American Indian head patch, but the palm of the glove does have the full American Indian head and just like the rest of the glove, it can be marbled. Oh and for those parents considering getting it for themselves, your kids will eventually start looking at it and asking about it. I told my kids it's the glove made for old players and convinced them they can get one too one day. Wouldn't hesitate to buy it again or to recommend it.Let this be sort of an edit: I had read a lot about Nokona gloves running small. A 12" is my favorite size glove. I currently have a Rawlings 12" and a Mizuno 34" catcher's mitt. The Nokona's small fit probably is from the finger stalls width. I have very big hands, but there's an easy trick to get around the finger stall's size. Use any glove mallet or even a broom handle in a pinch. Push it into the finger stalls, one at a time, and move it around inside the stalls. This glove's high-quality, soft leather molds real good. I had it fitting my hand perfectly after one night of breaking it in.

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