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W5A110A16 34

W5A110A16 34

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Louisville Slugger Legacy Series 5 Ash M110 Wood Baseball Bat 34 inch

sh Finish: Split
s 5 Ash Finish: Split Unfinish
h Finish: Split
od: Series 5 Ash Finish: Split Unfinished and Flame
Wood: Series 5 Ash Finish: Split Unfinished and Flame, Top Coat: Regular Gloss Turning Model: M110 Swing Weight: Most Balanced Bone Rubbed: No, Cupped: Yes
Louisville Baseball Bat Louisville Slugger Slugger Legacy Legacy Series Series 5 5 Ash Ash M110 Louisville Slugger Legacy Series Louisville Slugger Ash M110 Louisville Slugger Wood Baseball
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eview-text-content">Basically, I used it for 2 games. In retrospect, I should have returned it prior to use, as I did not like the way the handle looked - almost like a very very fine hairline fracture ran through it. But , I was in a jam and had a showcase - I felt it best to believe in the fellas over at Louisville Slugger and their ability to access quality as it is a Series 5 bat. Never again.I struck out twice, blasted one to the warning track, hit a rocket into deep center, launched a line-drive missile over the SS, then blasted one right up the middle. Got on base 3x. Loved the feel of the bat, its results, and the weight distribution. As it turned out, the bat cracked with the blast up the middle (a single). Yep, right down the handle. rendering it useless. A the cost of $10 a hit - simply disappointing. Helpful