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W V3250C RightHandThrow

W V3250C RightHandThrow

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Nokona Walnut W-V3250C Fastpich Softball Catchers Mitt Right Hand Throw

m Walnut Crunch 32.50 Nokonas Walnut Ser
lnut Crunch 32.50 Nokonas Walnut Series Great Stability and Dura

Premium Walnut Crunch 32.50 Nokona's Walnut Series Great Stability and Durability Near game-ready break in time

Nokona Walnut Walnut W-V3250C W-V3250C Fastpich Fastpich Softball Softball Catchers Catchers Mitt Nokona Walnut W-V3250C Fastpich Nokona Walnut Catchers Mitt Nokona Walnut Right Hand
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Very nice glove, turned out better than expected and it can be squeezed on to many Dad's hands if needed too. Helpful Report abuse