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W 1150M RightHandThrow

W 1150M RightHandThrow

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Nokona Walnut 11.5 Baseball Glove Mod Trap Web Right Hand Throw

11.5" Infield Pattern Modified Web Kangaroo Leather Conventional Open Back. Inspired by Nokona’s history of handcrafting ball gloves in America for over 80 years, the proprietary Walnut Crunch leather is a signature of Nokona. This glove provides great stability, durability, and a game-ready feel. This classic series has been updated with a new look that highlights the gloves’ modern features, while paying tribute to Nokona’s long-standing baseball and softball heritage. - 11.5 Inch Model - Modified Trap Web - Open Back - Walnut Crunch Steerhide Leather - Weight: ~650g
Nokona Baseball Glove Nokona Walnut Walnut 11.5 11.5 Baseball Baseball Glove Glove Mod Mod Trap Nokona Walnut 11.5 Baseball Nokona Walnut Mod Trap Nokona Walnut Web Right
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eview-text-content">I didn't buy it here but I've had mine for 13 or 14 years now and it's still amazing. I coach baseball and play softball with it and it has held up (with good care of course). I use it a few times per week and have for all of this time. Leather still in great shape and the palm/pocket is still strong enough where hard thrown balls don't hurt. This is where I have seen other gloves show their age. The leather is still firm. I have re-laced it as that was all that needed to be replaced. Worth the investment. 3 Helpful

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