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US9510 2717

US9510 2717

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Rawlings 5150 USA Baseball Bat -10 2019 27 inch 17 oz

100% Other Fibers High-performance metal Baseball bat delivers exceptional pop and balance Engineered with p0p 2.0 technology for an expanded sweet spot Balanced design delivers a smooth feel and maximizes bat speed Constructed with Aircraft-grade 5150 alloy to enhance responsiveness Usa-stamped bat is approved for new 2018 standards in all USA Baseball leagues
Rawlings Baseball Bat Rawlings 5150 5150 USA USA Baseball Baseball Bat Bat -10 -10 2019 Rawlings 5150 USA Baseball Rawlings 5150 -10 2019 Rawlings 5150 27 inch
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eview-text-content">My kid just started baseball at 8 years old. I wasn't going to get him a bat because he might hate playing and I didn't want any extra stuff we wouldn't need. But I thought about it more and with him being new, I wanted him to be able to practice a little at home if he wanted. So I did a lot of research and this bat came highly recommended as a really good bat for kids but not crazy expensive. I am glad I got it. He was hitting with it right off the bat. pun intended. And several of his teammates with very nice bats of their own are now borrowing his to hit with in games. The coach even uses it for fielding drills. Great bat for the money! One person found this helpful Helpful