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UACMW 100 RightHandThrow

UACMW 100 RightHandThrow

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Under Armour UACMW-100 33.5 Female Fastpitch Softball Catchers Mitt

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The Framer series mitt features a blend of leather with a high end synthetic backing adding durability and a weight reduction. The glove’s pattern features a wide and deep pocket.  Thick heal and toe padding ensure balls received don’t pop out.  PTH padding in the base of the hand helps prevent sting and extends the life of the mitt. Vertical laces between the web and pocket of the mitt make the mitt much stronger and reduce chances of a snapped lace or torn web. 
Under Armour Armour UACMW-100 UACMW-100 33.5 33.5 Female Female Fastpitch Fastpitch Softball Under Armour UACMW-100 33.5 Under Armour Fastpitch Softball Under Armour Catchers Mitt
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