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UACM 200Y RightHandThrow

UACM 200Y RightHandThrow

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Under Armour UACM-200Y Youth Catchers Mitt 31.5 Right Hand Throw

s Glove Conventional Open Back
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hers Glove Conventional Open Back. Wide, Deep Pocket. Vertical
31.5" Youth Catchers Glove Conventional Open Back. Wide, Deep Pocket. Vertically Laced Two-Piece Closed Web Perforated Back Reduces Weight while Retaining Durability. Steerhide Leather Construction - Exceptionally Durable but Allows for Quick Break-In PTH Padding - Absorbs Ball Impact and Extends the Life of the Mitt Thicker Heel and Toe Pads - All for Perfect Receiving and Keeps the Ball in the Pocket
Under Armour Armour UACM-200Y UACM-200Y Youth Youth Catchers Catchers Mitt Mitt 31.5 Under Armour UACM-200Y Youth Under Armour Mitt 31.5 Under Armour Right Hand
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