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UACM 200

UACM 200

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Under Armour UACM-200A Catchers Mitt 32.5 Right Hand Throw

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The under Armour deception Series mitts are a great add for a experienced catcher. The leather will require some break in but the process won't be long. The leather is very durable With a soft and comfortable feel. The deep pocket will keep balls secure on catch limiting any pop outs. This is a great mitt for any player competing at a high school, travel ball, or college level. Ideal for a high school or travel ball catcher Full grain leather for a more experienced player Thick heal and toe padding ensure balls don't pop out Virtical laces between web and pocket reduce chances of snapped lacing
Under Armour Armour UACM-200A UACM-200A Catchers Catchers Mitt Mitt 32.5 32.5 Right Under Armour UACM-200A Catchers Under Armour 32.5 Right Under Armour Hand Throw
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The product is amazing it is a little stiff to break in but it’s good