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S18JB9 RightHandThrow

S18JB9 RightHandThrow

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SSK Player Pro Javier Baez Dimple Sensor Baseball Glove 11.5 Right Hand Throw

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This SSK PRO GLOVE is specifically designed for Javier Baez. Size, color and feel all reflect Baez’s on-field glove model to make you play and feel like he does. Made by Shokunin craftsmen, features the SSK Dimple Sensor Technology and Padded Shock Guard, this top grain Japanese steerhide leather glove is designed for elite levels of baseball play. Play like a pro, play like Javier Baez. Preferred Position Infielder Glove Web Classic I-Web Glove Size 11.5" Throwing Hand Right Hand Leather Premium Steerhide Lacing Top Grain Leather Color Black, Royal, Red
SSK Baseball Glove SSK Player Player Pro Pro Javier Javier Baez Baez Dimple Dimple Sensor SSK Player Pro Javier SSK Player Dimple Sensor SSK Player Baseball Glove
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