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S16150IR RightHandThrow

S16150IR RightHandThrow

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SSK Edge Pro Series 11.5 Baseball Glove I-web Red Right Hand Throw

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ferred Position Infield Size 11.50 Web Classic I Web Prem
rred Position Infield Size 11.50 Web Classic I Web Premium Cowhide Leath
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Preferred Position Infield Size 11.50" Web Classic I Web Premium Cowhide Leather Top Grain Leather Lacing Available Right Throw

SSK Baseball Glove SSK Edge Edge Pro Pro Series Series 11.5 11.5 Baseball Baseball Glove SSK Edge Pro Series SSK Edge Baseball Glove SSK Edge I-web Red
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eview-text-content">The glove is Great really a ready to play. I like the design and comfort on the palm my son love that is comfortable and that can be ajustes to smaller hands he’s 7y old and he said is really easy to use. The item was order on December 26 2017 and I got it January 25 and I’m prime member. The first one got loose on the USPS and costumer service after I call in with the issue replace with this one and send it over night. They went above and beyond to get the shipment right and keep in touch during the process, great service from Amazon👍👍👍 Helpful