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S 100 Right Handed Throw

S 100 Right Handed Throw

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S-100-Right Handed Throw

Nokona S-100 Alpha Select Youth Baseball Glove 10.5 inch (Right Handed Throw)

ct Premium youth baseball glove. The S-100 is a combination of buffalo and stampede leat
elect Premium youth baseball glo
ct Premium youth baseball glove. The S-100 is a combination of buffalo and stampede l
Nokona Alpha Select Premium youth baseball glove. The S-100 is a combination of buffalo and stampede leather weighing 485 grams. This youth glove is made with the same high quality as the pro mitts for the youth player.
Nokona Baseball Glove Nokona S-100 S-100 Alpha Alpha Select Select Youth Youth Baseball Baseball Glove Nokona S-100 Alpha Select Nokona S-100 Baseball Glove Nokona S-100 10.5 inch
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I purchased this glove for my 4 year old T-Ball player, assuming at this price, that it would last him several years until he grew out of it. As soon as I got the glove I wasn't disappointed. The quality is unparalled by anything else I have ever seen for young players. I literally felt like I was holding a professional baseball players glove after getting shrunk down to fit a small kid. I have no doubt in my mind that this will easily last him until he is about 8 or 9 years old and still be in great shape.I looked at many of the other gloves you can find at big box retailers and large sporting goods stores and then eventually ordered this online. Compared to the other gloves I have held in my hands, those all feel like toys. The real leather makes an obvious difference, the craftsmanship is second to none.When we started to play with the glove, it was obviously a little stiff being of such high quality. I used some of the kona conditioner I ordered with the glove and after using my fist and a ball to work the leather a bit my kid was able to close it on his own. It broke in surprisingly quick for the quality.He has now used the glove for his first season of T-Ball, thrown it in the dirt and mud like a 4 year old will do, and again using the conditioner as directed it looks good as new. Still holds its shape wonderfully and I became even more assured that this will last him for many years to come.Obviously the price is high, I was leary of that when ordering and was worried that it wouldn't hold up long enough to justify the cost, while ultimately only time will tell, my worries are all but gone. This glove is amazing. I would highly suggest it to any serious young player who wants to walk on the field with the highest quality glove designed for their size. Sure you can get adult cut gloves in a 10.5 size, but this kona even has smaller finger pockets and insides to better fit a small hand.I can't say enough about how happy I am with this purchase. My wife is now finally ok with having spent this much on a glove as well due to the high quality and how well it has held up over the year. 2 Helpful
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