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RLACM33FPWBG RightHandThrow

RLACM33FPWBG RightHandThrow

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Rawlings Liberty Advanced RLACM33FPWBG Fastpitch Softball Catchers Mitt 33 inch Right Hand Throw

The perfectly-balanced patterns of the updated Liberty Advanced Series are designed for the hand size of the female athlete providing an improved level of control and comfort. Constructed with a hand opening and finger back adjustments to accommodate the fastpitch player Rawlings is introducing a dynamic new pattern technology to advance the fastpitch game and provide the opportunity for an upgraded level of performance. 33" softball catcher's mitt
Rawlings Liberty Liberty Advanced Advanced RLACM33FPWBG RLACM33FPWBG Fastpitch Fastpitch Softball Softball Catchers Rawlings Liberty Advanced RLACM33FPWBG Rawlings Liberty Softball Catchers Rawlings Liberty Mitt 33
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eview-text-content">I’ve baked this glove 9 times and worked with it for months to try to loosen it up for my travel ball playing daughter. One of the stiffest and heaviest out of the box gloves we’ve ever purchased. Helpful Report abuse