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RLA315SB 2WN RightHandThrow

RLA315SB 2WN RightHandThrow

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Rawlings Liberty Advanced RLA315SB-2WN Fastpitch Softball Glove 11.75 Right Hand Throw

The perfectly-balanced patterns of the updated Liberty Advanced Series are designed for the hand size of the female athlete providing an improved level of control and comfort. Constructed with a hand opening and finger back adjustments to accommodate the fastpitch player Rawlings is introducing a dynamic new pattern technology to advance the fastpitch game and provide the opportunity for an upgraded level of performance. 11.75" softball model Pro I-Web
Rawlings Softball Glove Rawlings Liberty Liberty Advanced Advanced RLA315SB-2WN RLA315SB-2WN Fastpitch Fastpitch Softball Softball Glove Rawlings Liberty Advanced RLA315SB-2WN Rawlings Liberty Softball Glove Rawlings Liberty 11.75 Right
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