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PS135 PH RightHandThrow

PS135 PH RightHandThrow

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Miken Player Series Slowpitch Softball Glove 13.5 in Right Hand Throw

The Player Series line of gloves from Miken feature professionally inspired slowpitch specific patterns with enlarged pockets designed for 12" softballs. These gloves come game ready with full-grain leather construction for enhanced durability and "off- the-shelf " performance. Miken has also employed PORON XRD Technology both in the palm and index fingers designed to significantly reduce ball impact. This glove has an adjustable non slip pull strap back for a custom fit. - 13.5 Inch Pattern - Pro H Web - Poron XRD Technology - Soft, Full-Grain Leather Construction - Adjustable Non Slip Pull Strap Back - Game Ready Feel - Break In: 90% Factory, 10% Player
Miken Softball Glove Miken Player Player Series Series Slowpitch Slowpitch Softball Softball Glove Glove 13.5 Miken Player Series Slowpitch Miken Player Glove 13.5 Miken Player in Right
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If youre looking for a great 15 glove this is it. Material is pretty good, pocket is nice and deep, and the padding is good enough not to get stung by those line drives and hard throws. Its about 85-90% broken in out the box so its useable right away. If you have a good break in method itll only take an hour or a practice to FULLY beak it in. Great glove for outfielders but I also use it at 3rd base.**Heads Up**Hand orientation can be a little tricky because amazon list it differently at times. In this case choose the hand that your glove goes on and not your throwing hand. If you wear the glove on your left hand and throw with your right CHOOSE LEFT.

Left hand throw = Left hand glove Reviewed in the United States on SeptemSize: 13 inchHand Orientation: Left Hand Throw I bought the right hand throw because, in the description, it told me that would go on my left hand. That is not the case. Had to return and get a refund from amazon and then bought the left hand throw. Amazon customer service was not helpful in explaining the glove difference. Glove feels nice but might need a game to break in fully. The hand strap is a little different than i am used to because it doesn't velcro or latch to anything. Just pull the strap and it tightens and seems to stay. Feels like a good glove. I do not recommend buying through amazon but if you do then order a LEFT HAND THROW for a LEFT HANDED GLOVE and vice versa for right hand. It doesn't make sense but that is what i had to do.

Correct glove placement is still wrong. Reviewed in the United States on February 24, 2020Size: 14 inchHand Orientation: Left Hand Throw 2/24/2020. I read all the reviews so I purchased the glove. Glove is great for the price. 95% broken in.I thought Amazon fixed the issue of right/left hand throe, but they didn't.When placing your order make sure you order your glove with the hand you catch with ie. If your right handed order the glove that says left hand or left hand throw , if your a southpaw order right hand throw. No big deal just an inconvenience.

Wrong orientation Reviewed in the United States on July 21, 2019Size: 15 inchHand Orientation: Left Wrong orientation of the glove. If, you want right hand throwing glive, then you need to order left hand throwing glove. Just the opposite.I hand to explain to custumer service to get exchange for 10 minutes about left and right hand throw gloves, but noooo. Just have to reorder again. Otherwize, leather is soft and easy to form to my liking

Right hand orientation means right hand throw. Reviewed in the United States on February 23, 2020Size: 15 inchHand Orientation: Right Right hand orientation means right hand throw. Im right-handed and order my glove based on other reviews and chose left hand orientation. When the glove arrived it was for my right hand. Had to return and get right hand orientation which is for my left hand.

Nice glove. Left/right hand ordering confusing. Reviewed in the United States on JSize: 15 inchHand Orientation: Right Ordered right hand throw glove. Left hand glove showed up. Returned for right hand glove. Painless exchange. Had it the next day. Nice glove. I wouldn't say it was 90% broke in but it was playable out of the package.

The player Reviewed in the United States on December 30, 2019Size: 15 inchHand Orientation: Right Easy "break in" period, started playing with it on day one. No regrets on purchase. Well worth the price. Would purchase again if I ever need too.

Great fit Reviewed in the United States on JSize: 15 inchHand Orientation: Right It was perfect for me. I have a very large hand and it is a big glove. Good price and good value

Great Reviewed in the United States on November 12, 2019Size: 13.5 inchHand Orientation: Left Hand Throw Definitely impressed with this glove so far. I ordered the left hand throw and received exactly that. Description says 90% broke in but is definitely no where close but that doesn't bother me too much..Love the look of the glove and have received plenty of compliments at the last tournament I went to.

Easy break in. Reviewed in the United States on May 12, 2019Size: 14 inchHand Orientation: Right Hand Throw Good quality for the price

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