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GXC50PSE5 BKSM RightHandThrow

GXC50PSE5 BKSM RightHandThrow

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Mizuno MVP Prime SE 34 Inch GXC50PSE5 Baseball Catchers Mitt Black Smoke Right Hand Throw

MVP Prime SE catchers mitt features professional style Bi
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all new MVP Prime SE catchers mitt features profes
 new MVP Prime SE catche
The all new MVP Prime SE catcher's mitt features professional style Bio Soft leather for the perfect balance of oil and softness, providing exceptional feel and firm control that serious players demand. The Open Web Design promotes an easy break-in. Professional Level Laces are the same durable laces that are offered in the professional level gloves. - 34 Inch Catcher's Model - Special Edition Colorway - Professional Style Bio Soft Leather - Open Web Design - Professional Level Laces
Mizuno MVP MVP Prime Prime SE SE 34 34 Inch Inch GXC50PSE5 Mizuno MVP Prime SE Mizuno MVP Inch GXC50PSE5 Mizuno MVP Baseball Catchers
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Excellent Glove. I hear people saying it is hard to break in. Well you don't buy a new glove when you have a game that week. Buy it a month or 2 at least b4 the season starts and play everyday. The Glove will break in exactly how you use it. One person found this helpful Helpful t Helpful