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GMVP1300PSES4 SMRD RightHandThrow

GMVP1300PSES4 SMRD RightHandThrow

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Mizuno MVP Prime SE Slowpitch Softball Glove 13 inch Right Hand Throw

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Center pocket designed patterns: pattern design that naturally centers the pocket under the index finger for the most versatile break in possible Bio soft leather: professional style smooth leather that has the perfect balance of oil and softness for exceptional feel and firm Control that serious players demand Heel flex: patent pending heel flex Technology provides a more flexibleforgiving heel for the ultimate in feel and performance Ultra soft palm liner: palm liner with excellent feeling and a soft finish Strong edge lace design: creates more Stable thumb and pinky
Mizuno Softball Glove Mizuno MVP MVP Prime Prime SE SE Slowpitch Slowpitch Softball Softball Glove Mizuno MVP Prime SE Mizuno MVP Softball Glove Mizuno MVP 13 inch
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eview-text-content">I was in the market for a new glove after my Mizuno GVMP 14" glove got floppy after about 2 months and I also had to relace it. I have always been a fan of Mizuno items so wanted to look at their gloves and this one caught my eye. I wanted an H-Web but also a 14" glove...only issue is they don't make them in 14" H-Web's. Decided on a 13" and, as of right now, I can tell I am not used to that 1" smaller glove...but it is getting better. The glove was very stiff when I received it but i lathered up some conditioner on it, placed a 12" softball in the pocket, wrapped an elastic velcro glove strap around it, placed in a plastic bag, and left it outside (75) for ~2 hours. Brought the glove inside and worked the pocket and fingers quite a bit as well as throwing the ball into the pocket to work it in. I would repeat the process 3 more times. I ended up having a game that night and used it and man, what a difference all that work did to the glove from the time it arrive on my doorstep to when I took the field.I have now had this glove about 2 months and played about 30 games with it and can say that it will need restitched at some point in the near future with thicker lace. Other than that, I think this glove will last a LONG time! Helpful 0