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GMVP1250PSEF5 GYBK RightHandThrow

GMVP1250PSEF5 GYBK RightHandThrow

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Mizuno MVP Prime SE 12.5 Inch GMVP1250PSEF5 Grey Black Fastpitch Softball Glove Right Hand Throw

p;    The all new MVP Prime SE fastpitch softball series gloves f
nbsp;    The all new MVP Prime SE fastpitch softbal
       The all new MVP Prime SE fastpitch softball series gloves feature a Center Pocket Designed Pattern that naturally centers the pocket under the index finger for the most versatile break in possible. Professional style Bio Soft leather has the perfect balance of oil and softness for exceptional feel and firm control that serious players demand. Patent Pending Heel Flex Technology provides a more flexibleforgiving heel for the ultimate in feel and performance. UltraSoft palm liner provides excellent feeling and a soft finish while a Strong Edge Lace Design creates a more stable thumb and pinky. Plus Grip Thumb is an ultra comfortable padded thumb slot. 
Mizuno Softball Glove Mizuno MVP MVP Prime Prime SE SE 12.5 12.5 Inch Inch GMVP1250PSEF5 Mizuno MVP Prime SE Mizuno MVP Inch GMVP1250PSEF5 Mizuno MVP Grey Black
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eview-text-content">Quality in Mizuno gloves are uncomparable to me.Took some time to break in but so far it's a fantastic glove. Love the color scheme, and the silver detailing along the sides is eye-catching. I was looking into buying a new glove for college ball, and this definitely exceeded my expectations for the price. Leather is firm but flexible, beautiful grey color. I'm sure this will last me for years to come. Helpful