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GGE50VBK Right Handed Throw

GGE50VBK Right Handed Throw

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GGE50VBK-Right Handed Throw

Mizuno GGE50VBK Global Elite VOP Baseball Fielder's Mitt (Black, 11.75-Inch) (Right Handed Throw)

The Mizuno GGE50VBK is an 11.75-Inch infielder's glove made from Japanese tanned, hand oiled VOP leather for an incredibly soft feel. Mizuno's Roll Welting technology increases structure and support throughout the fingers of the glove. Over 200 pro baseball players trust their skills with Mizuno baseball gloves.
Mizuno GGE50VBK GGE50VBK Global Global Elite Elite VOP VOP Baseball Baseball Fielder's Mizuno GGE50VBK Global Elite Mizuno GGE50VBK Baseball Fielder's Mizuno GGE50VBK Mitt (Black,
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