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G315 6B RightHandThrow

G315 6B RightHandThrow

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Rawlings Sporting Goods Gamer Series Baseball Glove 11.75 Inch H Web Right Hand Throw

. MSRP $140.00. New Gamer soft shell l
$140.00. New Gamer soft shell le
mer Gloves. MSRP $140.00. New Gamer soft shell leather. Mol
$140.00. New Gamer soft shell
Gamer Gloves. MSRP $140.00. New Gamer soft shell leather. Moldable padding. Synthetic BOA. Pigskin padded thumb loops. Pigskin fiinger back lining. Soft Cowhide. Tennesee tanned lacing. New stamping. Designed for easy break in 8 to 16 year olds.
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High quality catcher's mitt. Would definitely recommend. Expect a fair amount of break in time. Helpful t Helpful