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FGSZBK5 1400 Left Handed Throw

FGSZBK5 1400 Left Handed Throw

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FGSZBK5-1400-Left Handed Throw

Louisville Slugger FGSZBK5 Super Z Black Fielding Glove 14-Inch Left Hand Throw

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The Super Z Series is the first of its kind in Slow Pitch. The unique Flare technology has up to 15% wider fielding surface vs. a traditional pattern allowing for quick-transfer of the ball from glove to hand because every split second counts.
Louisville Slugger Slugger FGSZBK5 FGSZBK5 Super Super Z Z Black Black Fielding Louisville Slugger FGSZBK5 Super Louisville Slugger Black Fielding Louisville Slugger Glove 14-Inch
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Great glove, but it takes quite awhile to break in. Helpful t Helpful