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FGSBV 115 RightHandThrow

FGSBV 115 RightHandThrow

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All-Star FGSBV-115 Fastpitch Softball Glove 11.5 Right Hand Thrower

ela 3 Finger series from All-Star features a massive fielding area yet remains comfortabl
la 3 Finger series from All-Star features a ma
The Vela 3 Finger series from All-Star features a massive fielding area yet remains comfortable on all hand sizes. In softball, many players place two fingers in the pinky of the glove - which shifts all the fingers over, leaving the index finger empty. This creates a deeper pocket and helps reduce the sting of a caught ball. Constructed with a unique blend of lightweight performance leather, the glove has the perfect level of stiffness for a long life, but soft enough to be game ready fast. Velcro closure allows for custom fit. - 11.5 Inch Women's Model - I Web - 3 Finger Design - Lightweight Performance Leather - Velcro Closure for Custom Fit.                                                             
All-Star Softball Glove All-Star FGSBV-115 FGSBV-115 Fastpitch Fastpitch Softball Softball Glove Glove 11.5 11.5 Right All-Star FGSBV-115 Fastpitch Softball All-Star FGSBV-115 11.5 Right All-Star FGSBV-115 Hand Thrower
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The glove is great. Even though It has a tough leather, it doesn't take too much time to break in. The inside leather is tough aswell. The only negative point I found was that the black leather is quite soft. Besides that, It is much bigger than what I expected: it's like a normal 12 inches glove from other brands. I think the size fit both for an infielder and an outfielder. Last but not least, the service was great, it arrived much earlier than what I expected. It took less than two weeks to cross the continent from USA to Europe. Helpful