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FGS7 IFBK RightHandThrow

FGS7 IFBK RightHandThrow

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All-Star FGS7-IFBK Infield Baseball Glove Black 11.5 Right Hand Throw

or years, All Star's catcher's mitts and equipment have been highly regarded among those who play the position. All Star has created the System Seven Series line of fielders gloves for the most serious players. Using the highest quality Japanese Maruhashi Black and Tan leather allows these gloves to have long lasting durability. The solid black leather provides a slightly stiffer feel and a long lasting glove. Inside, All Star's Pro Guard Padding provides a thin layer of extra padding in the palm that helps kill the sting of mis-caught balls, yet is thin enough to still allow the player to know right where the ball is in the glove. This 11.50 Inch infield model features a conventional open back and a shallow pocket for easy scooping and quick ball transfer.
All-Star Baseball Glove All-Star FGS7-IFBK FGS7-IFBK Infield Infield Baseball Baseball Glove Glove Black Black 11.5 All-Star FGS7-IFBK Infield Baseball All-Star FGS7-IFBK Black 11.5 All-Star FGS7-IFBK Right Hand
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