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FGS7 FB2 RightHandThrow

FGS7 FB2 RightHandThrow

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All-Star System 7 First Base Mitt Single Post Web Right Hand Throw

The 13 Inch First Base System Seven FGS7-FB is perfect for picking balls out of the dirt. Just like the CM3000 series catching mitts, the FGS7-FB has insane POP when receiving the ball. The two shades of leather were meant to be used together, as each shade has very distinct properties. The softer tan leather on the inside helps develop an amazing pocket and fast break in times, while the black leather on the back gives support for added life. Pro Guard Padding (PGP) in the palm lets you know that you have the ball but helps remove the sting. - 13 Inch First Base Model - Closed Web - Black Leather Back Provides Support - Soft Tan Leather Inside Helps Break In - Pro Guard Padding in Palm
All-Star System System 7 7 First First Base Base Mitt Mitt Single All-Star System 7 First All-Star System Mitt Single All-Star System Post Web
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eview-text-content">Good gloves, little harder to break in than i thought with the softer leather. But we got it! Helpful Report abuse
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