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FGOFBK6 1175 RightHandThrow

FGOFBK6 1175 RightHandThrow

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Louisville Slugger FGOFBK6 Omaha Flare 11.75 Inch Baseball Fielding Glove Right Hand Throw

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The Omaha Flare Series combines Louisville Slugger's iconic Flare design and professional patterns with game-ready performance leather.  The flare technology gives you up to 15% wider fielding surface vs. a traditional pattern.  Giving you a quick break-in, quick ball-transfer and quick inning. 11.75" infield pattern. Open Back. H Web. Top-grade, oil treated leather for soft feel and long lasting shape. Flare design preferred by top professional and collegiate players. Extra-wide, dye-through lacing for extra durability.
Louisville Slugger Slugger FGOFBK6 FGOFBK6 Omaha Omaha Flare Flare 11.75 11.75 Inch Louisville Slugger FGOFBK6 Omaha Louisville Slugger 11.75 Inch Louisville Slugger Baseball Fielding
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