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CM3200SBT Right Handed Throw

CM3200SBT Right Handed Throw

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CM3200SBT-Right Handed Throw

All-Star CM3200SBT 33.5 Catchers Mitt Black/Tan (Right Handed Throw)

 CM3200SBT 33.5 Catchers Mitt BlackTan (Right Handed Throw) : Allstar catc
00SBT 33.5 Catchers Mitt BlackTan (Right Handed Throw) : Allstar catch
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33.5 Catchers Mitt BlackTan (Right Handed Throw) : Allstar
3.5 Catchers Mitt BlackTan (Right Handed Throw) : Allstar cat
lStar CM3200SBT 33.5 Catchers
Star CM3200SBT 33.5 Catchers Mitt
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AllStar CM3200SBT 33.5 Catchers Mitt BlackTan (Right Handed Throw) : Allstar catchers mitt. The All Star commitment to innovation, advanced technology, outstanding craftsmanship and quality service keeps them at the forefront of the industry. No matter what level of ball you play, you need quality equipment and the All Star Professional Series delivers. This high performance line of mitts is designed for fast break-in and hard use. Equal to the top of the line of many other brands, these mitts feature selected premium tanned cowhide leather and US grade rawhide lacing for maximum strength and durability. This glove sports special contrasting index finger padding, Pro formed pocket, profiled toe and flex action which make this mitt not only a top performer, but a top value. So if you are a Pro or a Rookie, let All Star help revolutionize your game.
All-Star CM3200SBT CM3200SBT 33.5 33.5 Catchers Catchers Mitt Mitt Black/Tan Black/Tan (Right All-Star CM3200SBT 33.5 Catchers All-Star CM3200SBT Black/Tan (Right All-Star CM3200SBT Handed Throw)
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eview-text-content">I got the Glove yesterday and use it for one day only. The glove feels good and Was getting broken in pretty nice but One of the lace broke off on the pocket part of the glove while i was catching with it. I was really excited for this glove but now im disappointed that the laces broke off, The laces felt cheap. P.when('review-image-binder', 'reviewsLightbox-js').execute(function(reviewImageBinder) { reviewImageBinder.bindReview("RJIR0N1SIUSWK", "RJIR0N1SIUSWK_imageSection_main", "RJIR0N1SIUSWK_gallerySection_main"); }); One person found this helpful Helpful 0