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A2802BB1883 LeftHandThrow

A2802BB1883 LeftHandThrow

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Wilson A2000 1883 Baseball First Base Mitt 12.5 Left Hand Throw

duction in 1957 the Wilson A2000 Series has set t
duction in 1957 the Wilson A2000 Series has set the standard for premium quality ball gloves. Dev
Since its introduction in 1957 the Wilson A2000 Series has set the standard for premium quality ball gloves. Developed together with engineers, craftsmen and Major League players, the A2000 Series is the ultimate defensive tool. Made from Wilson's Pro Stock Leather, these gloves have an almost indescribable feeling of comfort as soon as you put them on. Not only do these gloves feel "right", the Pro Stock Leather is known for its rugged durability. This durability is enhanced with Dual-Welting pre-curved finger design that helps the pocket keep its shape and stay stable. The A2000 Series also uses Wilson's Dri-Lex Technology which is ultra-breathable to keep your hand cool, dry and comfortable.
Wilson A2000 A2000 1883 1883 Baseball Baseball First First Base Base Mitt Wilson A2000 1883 Baseball Wilson A2000 Base Mitt Wilson A2000 12.5 Left
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Look, if the Wilson A2K first base mitt didn't exist, this one would be my favorite of all time. Sadly, the A2K DOES exist, so this A2000 gets second place. I own both, so I can talk!The steer hide that wilson uses on their A2000 gloves and up is second-to-none. Smells wonderful too! Not sure if everyone will like the color, BUT I DO! The leather is an awesome camel color, with a yellow-gold stitching. It's a modern glove with an old-school feel. Not the "Shoeless Joe" oiled-up, whethered-dank/damp look; just the look of a good ol' well made glove.The construction is also very well thought out. DUAL-POST-WEBBING! I love dual-post webbing! It's very secure and looks awesome! Most first base mitts have the single post, which is fine, but I prefer the look of a dual-post. The pocket is deep and secure. There's even a cool index finger pad that rests just outside where your index-finger goes. It's totally unique, and gives it a bit of character (I'll include a photo of the finger pad).The two drawbacks of the A2000 are comfort, and break-in time. Don't get me wrong, it's NOT an uncomfortable mitt, it's just not the MOST comfortable. The most comfortable 1B mitt out there is the A2K--->HANDS DOWN, but you'll have to pay an extra $100-$150 for it. The A2K has more padding, and the leather is more supple. It'll break in far easier than the A2000. The A2000 will take you a while to break in (but that's ok). The leather is stiff but will soften over time if you work at it. Form it, throw a ball in the pocket, tie it up for 24 hours, then just either pound the heck out of the pocket with a glove mallet, or just go play catch with it! Glove conditioner, (NOT OIL) is all you need.DON'T PUT IT IN THE OVEN/MICROWAVE, and DON'T USE WATER! THESE METHOD'S WILL SHORTEN THE LIFE OF YOUR MITT! Don't listen to the hype! Wilson will tell you to pour warm water over your mitt, but if you don't want to have to buy a new mitt every year or two, DON'T DO IT! Water and heat can both severely shorten the life of your glove!In summary, this is a wonderful mitt. I recommend it highly. But if you're looking for a high end mitt (and I imagine you are if you're looking at A2000's), I'd recommend forking out the extra dough and getting the A2K.**SORRY SO LONG-WINDED!Size-wise, this mitt is awesome. 13" mitts tend to be a bit loooooong feeling to me, and though they add a bit of reach, you sacrifice the control of a 12"-12.5" mitt. Thats one thing this mitt does has over the A2K...length. To me 12.5" is the perfect length for a 1B glove. (The A2K is a 12"). P.when('review-image-binder', 'reviewsLightbox-js').execute(function(reviewImageBinder) { reviewImageBinder.bindReview("R3922DLEO3XVY", "R3922DLEO3XVY_imageSection_main", "R3922DLEO3XVY_gallerySection_main"); });

Reviewed in the United States on November 16, 2015Size: 12.5 inchesHand Orientation: Left Great price and fast delivery... The glove is perfect

Nice glove. Reviewed in the United States on May 22, 2014Size: 12.5 inchesHand Orientation: Left Aside from the week wait for it to ship, transaction went smoothly and glove has made my grandson a happy boy.

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