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A20RF17CMSS RightHandThrow

A20RF17CMSS RightHandThrow

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Wilson A2000 CM34 SuperSkin Fastpitch Glove BlackWhite 34inch Right Hand Throw

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2000 CM34 WS - 34 Wilson A2000 C
000 CM34 WS - 34 Wilson A2000 CM34 White Super Skin 34 Fastpitch Catchers MittA2000 CM34
A2000 CM34 WS
A2000 CM34 WS - 34 Wilson A2000 CM34 White Super Skin 34 Fastpitch Catchers MittA2000 CM34 Wh
34 Wilson A2000 CM34 White Super
A2000 CM34 WS - 34 Wilson A2000 CM34 White Super Skin 34 Fastpitch Catcher's MittA2000 CM34 White Super Skin Fastpitch Catcher's Mitt - Right Hand ThrowWTA20RF17CMSS The black and white A2000 CM34 is constructed with Pro Stock Leather and Super Skin to create an amazingly light and durable mitt. This glove features an all new Horizontal Hinge Web that controls spin to keep the ball in the pocket so you can control home plate. A serious glove for a serious ballplayer. The fastpitch A2000 lineup is created with the Custom Fit System so that every fastpitch player can have a glove that fits her hand - no matter how tight she wears it. The superior feel and durability come from the premium Pro Stock leather that breaks in perfectly and lasts from one season to the next.34 Catcher ModelHorizontal Hinge WebD-Fusion pocket pad creates No Sting Catch ZoneFastpitch-specific modelPro Stock Leather combined with Super Skin for a light, long lasting glove and a great break-in catcherRHT 34 horizontal hinge webPro Stock Leather A2000 1790 SS Onyx FPCMA2000 M1 SSA2000 Glove Care Kit Aso-San Glove Mallet Wilson Fastpitch: Your Glove is Your Glove
Wilson A2000 A2000 CM34 CM34 SuperSkin SuperSkin Fastpitch Fastpitch Glove Glove BlackWhite Wilson A2000 CM34 SuperSkin Wilson A2000 Glove BlackWhite Wilson A2000 34inch Right
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eview-text-content">Great glove! Bought for our 12yr old daughter who is a catcher for town and club softball. Takes some time to break in but definitely has more protection for her hand than a cheaper $100-$150 glove. If your daughter is gonna stick with catching do her catching hand a favor and buy her this!UPDATE!! Almost a year later my daughter who still plays townball, summerball and club softball LOVES this glove. Superior protection for her hand. Its help her focus on her job behind the plate, not the 40-60mph pitches she sees from town to club teams. She conditions it regularly. Buy it, love it, keep it for years! Helpful