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A20RB171790SS RightHandThrow

A20RB171790SS RightHandThrow

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Wilson A2000 1790 SuperSkin Catchers Mitt GreyWhite 33.5inch Right Hand Throw

 SS - 34 Wilson A2000 1790 Super Skin Catchers Baseball Glove A2000 1790 Super S
- 34 Wilson A2000 1790 Super Skin Catche
A2000 - 1790 SS - 34 Wilson A2000 1790 Super Skin Catchers Baseball Glove A2000 1790 Super Skin 34 Catchers Baseball Glove - Right Hand Throw WTA20RB171790SS The 34 Wilson A2000 1790 SS takes the most popular MLB catcher's mitt pattern and adds glove-lightening Super Skin for a light, long lasting glove with a great break-in. This model features an extended palm to reduce rebound as well as a wider web and stiffer thumb. A Dri-Lex wrist lining helps move moisture away from your skin to keep you cool and comfortable through every inning. The A2000 Super Skin baseball glove series is the utility player of the Wilson lineup. A versatile mix of Pro Stock Leather and man-made Super Skin makes the glove stonger, lighter and easier to break in that the all-leather A2000. 34 Catcher's ModelHalf Moon WebExtended PalmPro Stock Leather for a long lasting glove and a great break-inDriLex Wrist Lining to keep your hand cool and dryCatcherRHT 34 12 moon webPro Stock Leather A2K Pudge A2000 CM33 A2000 T-shirtWilson Glove Care KitAso-San Glove Mallet Aso breaks in a Catchers Mitt
Wilson A2000 A2000 1790 1790 SuperSkin SuperSkin Catchers Catchers Mitt Mitt GreyWhite Wilson A2000 1790 SuperSkin Wilson A2000 Mitt GreyWhite Wilson A2000 33.5inch Right
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The glove is great! So far so good for the quality. We received this product quickly from the seller. Great service! One person found this helpful