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A12RB171786 RightHandThrow

A12RB171786 RightHandThrow

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Wilson Bandit 1786 Baseball Glove 11.5 inch BlackRoyalRed Right Hand Throw

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Wilson Bandit 1786 Infield Baseball GloveBandit 1786 11.5 Infield Baseball Glove - Righ
 - 11.5 Wilson Bandit 1786 Infield Baseball GloveBa
Bandit 1786 - 11.5 Wilson Bandit 1786 Infield Baseball GloveBandit 1786 11.5 Infield Baseball Glove - Right Hand ThrowWTA12RB171786 The 1786 11.5 Bandit infield glove is made with black, red and blue Soft Full-Grain Steerhide leather, an H-web and is perfect for the young travel infielder. It comes with Pedroia Fit for a snugger feel that many infielders enjoy. Using some of Wilson's most popular color palettes, the Bandit is the glove for the young travel ballplayer who likes a little style to go along with his on-the-field substance. Its soft full-grain steerhide brings the perfect balance of minimal break-in and outstanding durability.11.5 Infield Model H-web Soft Full-Grain Steerhide LeatherInfieldRHT 11.5 H-Web Soft Full-Grain Steerhide Leather Bandit 1786 Pedroia Fit Bandit 1786 Pedroia FitA2000 T-ShirtGlove Care Kit Aso-San Glove Mallet Aso breaks in Brandon Phillips Glove
Wilson Baseball Glove Wilson Bandit Bandit 1786 1786 Baseball Baseball Glove Glove 11.5 11.5 inch Wilson Bandit 1786 Baseball Wilson Bandit 11.5 inch Wilson Bandit BlackRoyalRed Right
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I'm a little confused by this glove. The product page says it is an 11.5" youth glove itself says 11.5" infield adult glove. Whoever this glove is for, they need to have small hands. This glove is tight! I am a woman with small hands and I had the hardest time getting my hand inside this glove. In fact, I can't get it all the way on without forcing it and hurting my hand. However, I felt that I had it on as far as the glove was going to allow me to have it on and it didn't feel secure. Maybe I just need to break it in a little bit, I don't know.I will say that the glove is very well made and it's a nice glove. I'm guessing it was made to be tight, hence the Pedroia fit but this glove is not going to do me a darned bit of good if I can't force my small hands into it. It also hurts my hand in between by pinkie finger and ring finger and feels like it spreads those two fingers out too far. It's a very nice glove, but the fit wasn't comfortable for me. Helpful