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Anderson Bat Company Rocketech Slowpitch Softball Bat 34 in 28 oz Red Black

tech 2.0
Rocketech 2.0 </strong>Slow Pitch Softball Bat is Virtually Bulletproof!   Con
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ocketech 2.0 </strong>Slow Pitch Softball Bat is Virtually Bullet
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<strong>Rocketech 2.0 </strong>Slow Pitch Softball Bat
The Rocketech 2.0 Slow Pitch Softball Bat is Virtually Bulletproof!   Constructed from our Aerospace Alloy, the power arch technology, multi-wall design is considered one of our most durable bats so you’ll never worry about your new Rocketech 2.0 denting or cracking in the middle of a season.   The Rocketech 2.0 has a Muscled Up, End Loaded Barrel. We packed as much mass and muscle into the barrel to deliver bone crushing hits into the ball… you’ll notice how quickly and effortlessly the ball will spring off the barrel.   Ultra-Thin whip handle for better bat speed
• 2 ¼” Barrel
• End loaded swing weight for more POWER
• Hot out of the wrapper, no “break-in” period necessary
• Enhanced aerospace alloy material
• Strengthened light weight end cap supports barrel performance
• PowerArch Multi-Wall Technology for improved durability and performance• Meets BPF 1.20 Standards
• Approved By All Major Softball Associations: ASA, USSSA, NSA, & ISA
• Manufactures Warranty: 1 Year against manufacture defects
• Model #: 011043
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